Youtube SEO: Subtitles

Youtube SEO

We will talk about a difficult but effective SEO that should be paid attention to by those who are Youtube video producers. We will briefly talk about the importance of using subtitles in your video. In this way, you will be able to reach your Youtube videos to more people.

Importance of subtitles in youtube videos

Let’s take a look at its filters to further customize it by searching something with a keyword on Youtube. It is seen in the image below;

youtube filtre


Let’s take a look at our filters before we go down in history as the person doing the Youtube search on Youtube. Click on the “Filter” section above the search results and see what’s in the properties section. “Subtitles”

The conclusion we need to draw here is that if you add subtitles to your video, it will be displayed in more filtering options. So it will come up in more search results. This greatly increases the likelihood of being watched. Here’s a look at how the bride appears in search results.

As you can see, if the videos have subtitles, this is indicated in the search results. Subtitles appear regardless of language.

Youtube, which can convert English sentences to automatic subtitles, unfortunately, does not do the same for Turkish. You have to upload the subtitle to youtube yourself. For this, you can write your second-by-second sentences from the subtitles section, or you can change the video language to English and upload a text.

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