What is iPhone Bedtime and How to Use it?

We’re going to introduce a feature of the iPhone that is not used very often. iPhones have a great feature to control phone usage and regulate our habits. Sleep time. So, what is this bedtime and how is it used?

What is iPhone bedtime?

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The sleep time feature is located on the clock section. Enter the time section and make your arrangements from the bedtime tab. It is possible to set alarms to control your sleeping habits from the bedtime section. That’s not the only useful part. It also gives you information about your sleep patterns. You can find the answer to the question of how long you sleep on average. After collecting the necessary data, it informs you.

You can also use the bedtime feature to customize your alarms and alarms. You can change the sound of the alarm you have created and make various personalizations on it.

With its latest updates, iPhone adds various features to control phone usage and helps people control phone addiction.

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