What is Chrome Tab Grouping?

Google has features that are not actively used but will become more common in the near future. One of them is tab grouping. So what is this tab grouping and how to activate it? We explain in this article.

What is tab grouping?

Tab grouping is a feature developed to make their work easier for those who work with multiple tabs. You can group your tabs and not get lost in that many tabs. For example, you opened all your e-mail accounts from the browser. However, you have opened your social media accounts along with the business-related browser. All made a bunch of tabs. It is possible to prevent confusion by grouping your mail accounts separately, social media separately, and business-related ones separately so that you can see where and what.

Thanks to the tab grouping feature, it becomes possible to see what the browser tabs are for before checking all of them.

How to use tab grouping in Chrome

Open the chrome://flags/#tab-groups  page and enable the relevant feature.

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