Undelete Items from Google Photos

We continue to talk about very useful features in Google Photos. In this article, we will talk about how you can restore your deleted items on Google Photos, provided that it does not exceed 60 days. Deleting photos or videos is not something you can do much because it offers unlimited storage space under certain conditions, but if you still want a regular Photos application, you may want to delete automatic and irrelevant backups. Accidentally deleted an item? Then follow the steps below.

Google Photos trash

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Everything you delete from Google Photos goes to the trash first. It waits there for exactly 2 months without taking up any space. If you have not retrieved it within this period, it will be deleted from there as well. This deletion will be permanent. Pay attention to this aspect.

  1. When you want to delete a photo, you do something like “move it to the trash”.
  2. After deletion, you may see a warning that says “moved to trash, undo”. You can revert your error here.
  3. Did you skip here too then 3 lines on the left and select the trash can below.
  4. Find and select the photo you deleted
  5. Click the restore link in the top right.

That’s the deal. Check our gallery for detailed information.

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