How to Turn Off Siri?

How to Turn Off Siri?

Many of you don’t use Siri. The reason for this may be that he finds it unnecessary or that he cannot find what he is looking for. But on some iPhone models, Siri can be frustratingly inadvertently opened. You might even hate your phone in this case, but if you’re not using it, why not turn off Siri? In this article, we will provide information on how to turn off or mute Siri in simple steps.

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You can mute Siri to use it silently in certain areas, or to make sure that it doesn’t sound when it’s accidentally turned on. For example, if you accidentally turn on Siri in the middle of a meeting, it can embarrass you. Try the following method to mute Siri.

If you select the ring volume control after following the Settings – incoming – accessibility path, Siri will be silent when you mute your phone.

turn off Siri

Go to settings – incoming – accessibility and select Siri. Then turn off the button that shows Siri is active next to it. This will turn off Siri.

After this process, Siri cannot be opened in any way. You can then turn on Siri or its volume in the same way.

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