How to Share Someone Else’s Post on Instagram

Share Someone Else's Post on Instagram

It is quite easy to share a content on other social media accounts. For example, to share a content you see on Facebook, the share button below is sufficient. Tweeter also has a retweet button. Instagram does not have such an option. You need to use an external application for this.

Normally, to repost a content on Instagram, you must take a screenshot, and if it is a video, you must download and upload it again. If you do not want to do these, you can use the repost application.

  • Choose your app from here. There are many applications, but the logic is the same in all of them.
  • iOS users can choose any app from here.
  • Sign in to the app.
  • Find someone else’s Instagram post you want to repost later
  • You send too.


Note that with this action, part of the post includes the username of the original owner of this post. This is called respect for labor.

It is also possible to repost on the Stories side. For this, the account of the person sharing the story must be public. Click the submit button below the post and continue with the add to my story button. You don’t need to do anything extra for this.

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