How to Scan Document on iPhone?

How will you scan a document when you need it most if you don’t have a scanner? Scanning is essential for signing and returning a document you receive. Since you cannot sign the electronic document from your phone or computer, you must first print it, then sign it and send it that way. So how do you upload the signed document back to the electronic media? You need a browser for this. Don’t have a browser? Let’s do it on iPhone.

How to scan a document on iPhone?

  1. Open the notes app on iPhone.
  2. Prepare your document. Lay it in a flat and well-lit place.
  3. Press the camera button on the Notes app.
  4. Tap scan document.

You are now ready. Scan document feature may sound like taking a familiar photo, but it creates a cleaner image on the document. This makes the document easier to read. In addition, different features such as size adjustment and pdf should not be ignored.

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