How to Buy Phone from Aliexpress?

Buy Phone from Aliexpress

Don’t come back by looking at the headline and saying it can’t be bought. There is evidence supported by comments. In this article, we’ll show you how to buy a phone from Aliexpress without getting stuck in customs. Phones are pretty cheap but there are a few nuisances. We will talk about them.

Ordering a phone from Aliexpress

First of all, we should mention that there is currently 1 seller doing this business. So you can’t get the phone you want from all phone vendors.

Another point is that only 3 models are coming to Turkey at the moment. As a result of our conversation with the seller in person, we will also give you the connection of these phones.

How do phones get into the country?

We do not know how the phones entered the country, all we know is that the phones in question are already in Turkey, so they have already introduced the phones.

Someone from Turkey is shipping the phones that are already in Turkey to the buyer. In this way, you will have the phone in your hands in a very short time and you will not have any customs problems. In addition, the price of the phone is incredibly affordable.

The store where you can get a phone: m/store/3522032?spm=a2g0o.detail.100005.1.e4684647EFmqXO

Xiaomi Mi A2: 7245330.html?storeId=3522032&spm=a2g10.12010612.8148356.1.3c5f2584bqTzyt

PocoPhone F1: 84vaZF34

Xiaomi Redmi Not 6 Pro:

There is no information about whether the phones are registered or not.

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