Get Great Information About Your Photos With Google Photos

We continue our articles one by one for the unknown features of Google Photos. To use Google Photos in the most effective way, be sure to follow our article series. In this section, we will show you how to get very interesting information from a photo uploaded to Google Photos. Follow the steps below to view photo information, a seemingly simple method.

Google Photos Photo Details

Table of Contents

  • Sign in to Gogole Photos.
  • Open an uploaded photo.
  • Swipe up on the photo.
  • The details page about the photo will open.

What you can see on this page will surprise you.

  • You can find the time of when the photo was taken.
  • The name of the photo is the automatic name that your phone gives to your photo.
  • What resolution was the photo taken at? So the camera feature
  • The full resolution of the photo.
  • The size of the photo.
  • Phone and camera features where the photo was taken
  • The exact location where the photo was taken.

When you look at your old photos with all this information, you will have more memories in your mind. Also, these details will be very useful for you.

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